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Butterfly Bill's journal
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free shrugs
I was able to get all the way from my home in Muskogee, Oklahoma to the site of the 2014 annual North American gathering in the Uinta National Forest, approximately 20 miles southeast of Heber City, Utah, in only two days of driving over 600 miles each day, so I arrove at about 7 in the evening on the 20th of June. Someone had said on Facebook that the altitude of the site was at over 9,000 feet, but after I passed thru Evanston, Wyoming, whose altitude my atlas said was 6748 feet, the interstate started to descend thru Echo Canyon and when I got to Heber City the altitude was only 5593. This seemed strange to me as I was driving, but I found out that all the difference would be made up on the road out of the city that eventually ended its asphalt covering and turned into the dirt Forest Service Road that led toward the site.
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Wed. Jul. 24, 2013 - 14:48 - The Long Walking Gathering – Montana 2013
The 2013 annual national Rainbow Gathering in the Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest in Montana was spread out over a site that measured over two and a half miles from its northernmost to its southernmost populated areas. My daily commute from the place where my van was parked to Info was a mile and a half each way, and a round trip from Info to Dinner Circle was over a mile. Adding to that visits to Kid Village a quarter mile away and any other exploring of the site that I wanted to do, I probably walked at least six or seven miles in any single day, and many days more than that. And the walks often seemed longer because I could frequently see my destination in the distance across the sagebrush and grass that covered much of the site, and I’d think I was close until I found myself walking a lot more than I was thinking I’d have to.
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