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Butterfly Bill's journal

Butterfly Bill
23 March 1947
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I like to go to Rainbow Gatherings and Renaissance Faires, and wear women's clothes at both and in my babylon/mundane life. (When I am an old man, I shall wear pink, and a floral print rayon dress that suits me perfectly...) I play the Celtic harp and the ashiko drum, and compose for the computer. Most of my life I have made my living as an odd-jobbing construction worker. For eight years, I didn't have to work because of an inheritance from my departed mother, but now I am getting back into my former trade part-time. I am not gay, but I am still queer in more ways than one. I am a veteran and a baby-boomer, but I am definitely not a Republican. For anything more you can go to my website.

If you are here because you've discovered I've friended you, and you don't know me in person:
I click on names that appear in the comments to posts by people already on my friends list. If your page catches my interest (lots of well written paragraphs and not so many "what kind of --- are you" quiz results), I will add you so I can catch some more of your stuff on my own friends page. You can consider this a compliment. I will look forward to meeting you in the flesh some day.