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Fri. Jan. 25, 2013 - 8:37 - BB’s recent dance with the Big Woman
harp g
A link to this is crossposted to Facebook.

from their website: http://www.amazon.com/gp/seller-account/mm-summary-page.html:

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Simon Mad
Living in Oklahoma, I might as well go in there and vote for Donald Duck, because all of OK's electoral votes will go to whoever the Republican candidate is. We're not a "battleground state", so neither candidate can be bothered to make any appeareaces near my home. (But I don't have to push the mute button on any PAC-created ads, so maybe that's a blessing.)

Neither candidate wants to get rid of the electoral college system that results in my state being ignored, and brings us such winners as George Dubya, elected by a 5-4 majority of the Supreme Court.

Neither candidate wants to stop the drug war, let me smoke a joint even if it's responsibly and prudently, and stop the harassment of the Rainbow Gatherings by cops with dogs. Obama's Attorney General pig-headedly refuses to listen to anyone who tries to show him any possible beneficial evidence about marijuana. But Romney belongs to a church where they don't even let you drink coffee, so I'm sure I will especially get no sympathy from him.

Obama is certainly more friendly toward men who like to wear dresses, and the rest of my queer brethren and sistren.

I sure like Obama's attitude toward foreign policy better than the one of that gun slinging cowboy who was his immediate predecessor.

I like socialist institutions like the Social Security Administration and the Veteran's Affairs Medical Centers, and Paul Ryan say he wants to tear all of these down.

Neither candidate is going to be able to do jack shit as long as there are all those extremist assholes in both houses of the Congress.

But in the end, I'm convinced that Mitt Romney would tell me my farts smell like lilacs if he thought that would get me to do something for him. You know Barbie's friend Ken? That's what he is like to me. A plastic man that will wear whatever clothes his handlers put on him.
Sun. Jul. 15, 2012 - 14:24 - The Fat Kids Gathering – Tennessee 2012
At the 2012 annual national Rainbow Gathering in the Cherokee National Forest in the extreme northeastern corner of Tennessee, a great deal of the infrastructure of the gathering was built by what some gatherers like to call "dirty kids". Young people clad in black and shades of khaki and brown, especially from Fat Kids Kitchen, took part in laying the water lines, put up the tarps for Info and provided a map, started the banking council and the Magic Hat, set up Main Supply and did most of the supply runs, and had a Dinner Circle going with pots from four kitchens on the 21st of June – all with few of the older people present who have usually been the initiators in the past. Not only did Fat Kids contribute a lot to this effort, but also Montana Mud and even Nick at Night. A lot of the olders arrived at the gathering later than they usually do, and the vacuum was filled by enthusiastic and competent youngers.

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Thu. May. 31, 2012 - 9:07 - OKRF 2012
c flute
Circa Paleo, the electronically amplified Celtic band that had enough drums to fill up over half of the Maypole stage floor when they surprised us with their presence the morning of Memorial Day Saturday last year, returned again the same weekend this year to the Oklahoma Renaissance Festival in Muskogee. This year they were able to perform in the new Cavern Tavern, where the room that had the animatronic monster a few years ago was expanded to occupy the whole of the warehouse it was in. The place was festooned with stuff to make it look like the inside of a cave, and a large L-shaped bar whose concrete bar top had been poured into a form like sidewalk Lines of picnic tables radiate from a wood deck stage, and people can sit on the benches in air conditioning.Read more...Collapse )
Tue. Mar. 6, 2012 - 15:18 - OKRF Academy 2012 – 2nd weekend
c flute
Saturday of the second weekend of Academy, instead of spending the whole day in dread of the teacher calling on me in IP class, I got to spend a more pleasant morning cleaning out and doing repairs in some privies where the water had been turned off for several months and the odor of long-ago urinations and defecations greeted the nostrils upon entering. It was mid-afternoon until I was able to swab all the floors with some deodorizing soapy water.

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Mon. Feb. 20, 2012 - 18:46 - OKRF Academy 2012, 1st weekend
g flute
There was the usual "Mixer" potluck feast on the evening of the first Saturday in February (the 4th). The meal itself started at about 6;30, but I was told in a e-mail that there would be a dance rehearsal at 4, so I went the the Castle at that time. Between the end of the rehearsal and the dinner I was able to find both Karen and Donald in her office, and walk in and say I wanted to have a talk as soon as they were done with some other persons who were there. When they left, I went in and heard, "What's on your mind". Then I went on to say that I wanted my contract to say "Musician" and not "Street Performer", and that I would like to spend the 2nd and 3rd Academy weekends doing some work on the privies, and not doing all the IP stuff. Karen said "I don't see any problems with that", and Donald agreed. On Saturday morning, the first Academy day, Jeremy S. came up to me as we all were sitting waiting for the first class to start, and said, "I've got the word that you are now classified as a "lane act", and you will be under my direct tutelage." With a smile on my face I gave him a military salute, and he returned it. I would be reporting to him as attendance was being taken.

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